[Bespoke] <BIRKENSTOCK> ZURICH sandals

¥22,000(tax included)

List price ¥22,000(tax included)

House card points:200pt reduction

size: 22.5cm (35) 23cm (36) 24cm (37) 24.5cm (38) 25cm (39)
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■ BEAUTY & YOUTH UNITED ARROWS bespoke items ■

A bespoke color has arrived from the popular model "ZURICH" of <BIRKENSTOCK>.

■ Design
"ZURICH" where you can enjoy the stability and lightness of shoes.
Bespoke production of "ZURICH" Narrow Last, which is one of the representative models of <BIRKENSTOCK>.
The buckle is also unified in black to give the impression of urban leather shoes.

The upper uses a navy suede close to black called "Midnight" with the color name of <BIRKENSTOCK>.
By using black smooth leather for the insole, we changed the specification so that the footprints are not noticeable.

■ Coordinate
Not only can you wear it lightly with bare feet, but it also goes well with socks, so you can enjoy a wide range of variations to match your outfit.
Ideal for adult casual coordination, taking advantage of clean and elegant colors.
It is recommended not only for trendy shorts and denim, but also for removing feminine styling such as dresses.

-Product number: 1431-499-8382 Unisex development with men.

It is a brand that was launched in 1960 when the first successful commercialization of sandals was based on the footbed "Einlagen" that had been in production since 1896.
All brands started from here
Beginning with the first model Madrid, Arizona, Zurich, Ramsez, London, Montana, etc., we have a wide variety of variations.
Since establishing the brand, we are consistently committed to domestic production in Germany, we continue to release standard items that transcend times and fashion.
Each model is named after a city in the world, which is inspired by Karl Birkenstock's desire to "be healthy across ages, genders, races and national borders."

* Before using the product, be sure to check the "Handling Precautionary Statement" and "Washing Label" on the tag.
* The product image may look different from the actual color depending on the lighting conditions and the viewing environment such as a personal computer. Please note.
* Please refer to the image of the product itself for a guide to the color of the product.
* The weight of the shoes is the weight of both feet only for the shoes themselves. Boxes and accessories are not included in the measurement.
* If the product is not defective, we will ship it even if the wrapping paper and box are damaged. Please note.
※ Product image is sample. Actual product and color, specifications, processing, size, material etc. may differ slightly.

When making inquiries to stores, BEAUTY & YOUTH Please tell the following product name / part number to each store.
Product name: SC * BIRKEN × BY ZURICH ◇ Product number: 18314997296

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