Eight selections of athletic meet mom coordination that are highly regarded. I want to be both thin and fashionable!


GLR fashion information summary

GLR fashion information summary

Knowing, we will introduce the bean knowledge that makes daily dressing a little fun and the points of dressing!

Children's athletic meet is one of the most enjoyable events for parents. If you decide too fashionably, it will float, and if you use upper and lower jerseys, you will want to get rid of it. Therefore, this time, we will introduce the points of choosing clothes for the athletic meet and examples of coordination. We will also introduce tips on how to dress and points to make you look fashionable, so let's enjoy the athletic meet with the outfit that is highly regarded.

Points of athletic meet mama coordination

Long skirt and cap coordination

The point of clothing for the athletic meet is ease of movement. While choosing a fashionable outfit, you also have to take measures against sunburn and temperature. Here, we will introduce some useful points for the athletic meet's mama coordination.

Clothes suitable for the athletic meet

Athletic meet often stands or sits, and depending on the kindergarten or school, it may participate in the competition or help manage it. For such an athletic meet's mama coordination, moderately casual and easy-to-move clothes are perfect.

Heels, pumps, and feminine clothes are hard to move, and may be lifted by the mothers around you. I don't recommend it because the upper and lower jerseys may look dull and you may feel that you are too enthusiastic. Choose clean, adult casual clothes that are clean.

Measures against sunburn and temperature

Since I spend a lot of time in the schoolyard, it is essential to take measures against sunburn. It is convenient to have items such as hats, sunglasses, and scarves as well as sunscreen. If the brim is too big, you may hit your neighbor, so be careful when choosing the size.

Also, athletic meet, which is often held in spring or autumn, it is safe to take measures against the temperature. If you prepare a haori coat, a stole, and an inner for cold weather, you can spend comfortably on the day without panicking.

Pay attention to the glimpse

At the athletic meet where you often move, you need to be careful about the appearance of flickering. It would be embarrassing if you could see your chest, back, and underwear and inadvertently appear in someone else's photo.

If possible, avoid tops and low-rise bottoms with wide open chests. If you wear tops with open chest, wear innerwear such as tank tops, and if you wear low-rise pants, wrap a shirt around your waist.

Choose a color that doesn't bother you with dirt and sweat stains

You may sweat when your child's support is enthusiastic or when the daytime temperature rises. Sweat stains should be taken care of at such times. In particular, gray, beige, and light khaki are colors that have noticeable sweat stains, so it is safe to avoid them. You should also avoid materials that are poorly breathable and do not allow sweat to dry easily. The point is to wear an inner made of highly absorbent cotton material.

In addition, sand stains are also a concern at athletic meet held outdoors. It's best to choose clothes that don't get dirty or made of washable materials. Dark-colored clothes are less noticeable, but sand stains are more noticeable, so please choose according to the venue.

Mama coordination of athletic meet [when watching a game]

Black hoodie and red skirt outfit

If you just watch the game without participating in the athletic meet, you should be aware of femininity and mellowness in addition to ease of movement, and you will have a mama coordination that is highly regarded. Here are some recommended outfits for moms who don't usually wear pants outfits.

Crew neck tops x flared pants

Staff woman in sleeveless and wide pants

The adult casual style that combines crew neck tops and flared pants is outstandingly comfortable and recommended for athletic meet. Flared pants that look like a skirt are an excellent item that can be well-balanced with any top. If you choose a design with a ribbon on the waist, your eyes will gather on the upper side and you can aim for a style-up effect.

Choose tops that are smooth and comfortable to wear and that absorb water and dry quickly so that you don't have to worry about sweat stains. Don't forget to take measures against sweat stains.

Border x flare skirt

Border tops and flared skirt outfit

Combine the nuanced flared skirt with the border tops for a casual and feminine look. The point is to choose a fabric that does not look like an office and a long length that gives a feeling of mellowness.

Waist in the border tops for a refreshing look. This style is also recommended for people who are not good at pants.

Pedicel shirt dress x tapered denim

A woman wearing tapered denim and wearing a dress

A shirt dress with a pedicel and tapered denim will give you a vintage-like look and a stylish outfit that will make a difference.

Wearing a pedicel dress like a haori gives a trendy impression. One-piece dresses with short sleeves can be worn for a long time until the beginning of autumn, so it is a convenient item to have one.

White shirt x all-in-one

All-in-one and white shirt coordination

The simple yet sophisticated all-in-one is perfect for athletic meet.. It's an excellent item that is comfortable to wear and easy to move, but if you make a mistake in matching the tops, it may look young. Please be careful when choosing the material and shape.

The black all-in-one has a tightening effect and gives a mature finish. The point is to put on a white shirt to give it a crisp feel.

Mama coordination of athletic meet [when participating]

Brown outfit for shirt and wide pants

When participating in athletic meet competitions, we recommend a fashionable outfit that emphasizes ease of movement. The line of sight will be gathered during the competition, so aim for a dress that looks like a wonderful mom. Here, we will introduce fashionable outfits that are easy to move.

Beautiful color tops x center line pants

A combination of color tops, centerline pants, and a straw hat

Pants with a center line have the effect of making your legs look beautiful. The point of style up is to choose a size that is not too tight and not too loose.

With a straw hat as an accent, choose a beautiful color top to complete an adult casual outfit.

Simple T-shirt x slit pants

Coordination of simple tops and pants with slits

For sweatpants that are perfect for casual style, choose materials that are comfortable to wear and elastic waist.

Even with a simple T-shirt, pants with slits will give you a femininity.

Hood pullover x denim pants

Casual hoody and denim outfit

A casual style classic item, a hood pullover and denim pants outfit is perfect for athletic meet. If you choose one with a longer length, it goes well with the pants style and you can prevent flickering.

You can also enjoy a set-up style outfit by combining it with pants and skirts made of the same material.

Monotone tops x color wide pants

Coordination of color pants and black tops

The outfit, which features bright-colored wide pants as the main character, can create a mellow feeling by making the tops a calm color. The wide silhouette doesn't stick to your feet so you can wear it cool.

If the material can be washed at home, it is safe even if it gets dirty at the athletic meet. Wide pants that go well with a variety of tops are a versatile item that you'll want to have.

Tips for athletic meet coordination that sets you apart from other moms

Ankle-length pants and border tops

In order to make a difference with other moms, it is important to incorporate items and points that can cover your body shape while being aware of trends. Just by being aware of this, you will be able to make a difference with other moms and get a glimpse of them.

Incorporate trends while playing with accessories

If you want to make a difference with other moms, the trick is to take in small items well. By matching the mask and clothing, or adding a fashionable cap with a different color, you can become a fashionable expert at once.

A small bag can also be used as a wallet, so it will be a great success in a moving athletic meet.

If you feel unsatisfied with your outfit, we recommend boldly combining neon-colored sneakers and bags. If you add a different color, it will become a trendy outfit at once.

Stick to the silhouette and aim for a slimming effect

Depending on the silhouette of the item, you can aim for a slimming effect, such as wide pants that cover the lower body, and pants with tack that emphasize the vertical lines and make the legs look slender and long.

If you're wearing a voluminous top, it's a good idea to wear ankle trousers with a flickering ankle. The result is a refreshing impression.

It is also recommended to add a tightening color black or navy haori.

Let's go to the athletic meet with a fashion that is different from other moms

Vitamin color sporty style

Children play a leading role in the athletic meet, but moms also want to enjoy fashion. If you are a fashionable mom, your child will surely be happy. Let's firmly hold down the points of the athletic meet's mama coordination and set yourself apart from other moms. Please enjoy the athletic meet with your parents.

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