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[Special order] <Jalan Sriwijaya> Medium brown penny loafers

¥39,600(tax included)

List price ¥39,600(tax included)

UA Miles:36,000earn miles

size: 25cm (38) 25.5cm (39) 26cm (40) 26.5cm (41) 27cm (42) 27.5cm (43)
Bespoke product


■ green label relaxing bespoke item ■

The true value of leather shoes, our commitment to the Hand Thorn Welted manufacturing method

■ Design
Green Label Relaxing has custom-made the popular loafer "Garuda" from the Indonesian shoe brand <Jalan Sriwijaya>.
We use a medium brown color called CUOIO calf, which is currently not available inline.
A fresh coloring for those who usually wear black.
The usual leather sole has been replaced with a half-rubber sole that provides a good fit and grip.

・Model: 98998<Garuda>
98998 <Garuda> is the most popular loafer variation at Jalan Sriwijaya.
This model, named after the sacred bird that is also used in the national emblem of its country of origin, Indonesia, is one of the brand's proud masterpieces.
For the last part, we use "18045", which was inherited from the previous model 98589 and is specially made for loafers.
By changing the heel cup to a more compact one, the shoe has a shape that better fits Japanese feet, who tend to have smaller heels.
This product is recommended for those who have problems such as ``My heels tend to slip out even when I wear loafers that are just the right size.''
In terms of design, the stitch work on the saddle is simpler, giving it an even more chic and sophisticated look.
A well-proportioned design, such as a moderately long vamp and saddle shape, is an attractive pair.
An item that is easy to incorporate into a wide range of coordination and can be used all year round.

・LAST: 18045

■ Coordinate
Not only does it go well with jackets, but we also recommend wearing it with a suit style to create a relaxed look.
For holiday style, it's best to wear slim denim for a mature look.
For those who want to enjoy it more casually, the rugged combination with wide chinos or cargo pants is also great.
A convenient pair that can be used both on and off.

*Please refer to the following for size notation.
inc EUR cm
5h ⇔ 37 ⇔ about 24.5
6 ⇔ 38 ⇔ about 25
6h ⇔ 39 ⇔ about 25.5
7 ⇔ 40 ⇔ about 26
7h ⇔ 41 ⇔ about 26.5
8 ↔ 42 ⇔ about 27
8h ⇔ 43 ⇔ about 27.5

<Jalan Sriwijaya>
It is an Indonesian leather shoe brand that makes the best use of the training experience in England, which is the sacred place of shoes, and the connection of the current owner in France, which is the highest peak of leather production.
Production method is Handwell Ted, Goodyear, hand sewn until sewing, and sewing machine only with the last outsole features "flexible nylon tailoring" features flexible and supple comfort.
We continue to make high quality products that are inevitable even for the top shoe brands in the world who also stick to the material of the upper and the bottom material.

* Before using the product, be sure to check the "Handling Precautionary Statement" and "Washing Label" on the tag.
*The product image may look different from the actual color depending on the lighting conditions and the viewing environment such as your computer. Please note.
* Please refer to the image of the product itself for a guide to the color of the product.

* The weight of the shoes is the weight of both feet only for the shoes themselves. Boxes and accessories are not included in the measurement.
*If there is no defect in the product, we will ship it even if the wrapping paper and box are damaged. Please note.

When contacting the store, please contact the following product name / product number to each green label relaxing store nationwide.
Product name: ★J/S PENNY LOAFER MBR Product number: 31314990751


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Size / Product Details

size Heel Weight (g) cm
25cm (38) 2.5 1050 About 25
25.5cm (39) 2.5 1050 About 25.5
26cm (40) 2.5 1050 About 26
26.5cm (41) 2.5 1050 About 26.5
27cm (42) 2.5 1050 About 27
27.5cm (43) 2.5 1050 About 27.5

The item is measured by its own measuring method.

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25cm (38) 25.5cm (39) 26cm (40) 26.5cm (41) 27cm (42) 27.5cm (43)



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