Height 178 B85 W68 H90 Wearing size: FREE
Height 178 B85 W68 H90 Wearing size: FREE



green label relaxing

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"Air-conditioned clothes TM (wear with fan)" × "green label relaxing" Bespoke field vest is now available

Uses high-density weather using polyester x cotton x nylon material.
It features a unique texture that is different from synthetic fibers and natural raw materials.
A finish that is not too sporty and is for outdoor use.

■ Design
The essence of the outdoors is added by treating the hanger loop used for hunting vests etc. and the multi-loop that can lower the carabiner etc. based on the military.
The collar is a stand-up collar that firmly secures the function of air-conditioned clothes TM, while the low collar gives it a fashionable design.

■ Styling
It is recommended to layer it on a shirt or cut-and-sew with the image of an outdoor style.
Since it can be stored in many pockets, it can be used hands-free.
It features a wide range of wearing scenes that can be used not only for street wear but also outdoors.

■ Function
・ "Air-conditioned clothes TM" (wear with fan) is a product that takes in outside air from the fan into the clothes, evaporates sweat, cools the body, and stays cool and comfortable.
・ By continuing to evaporate, excess sweat flowing on the surface of the body is reduced, reducing the exhaustion of physical strength. (Sweating requires energy and can reduce this energy requirement)
・ Even if you simply take in the outside air, if there is no outlet, the air inside the clothes will remain moist and you will not be able to take in new air.
Air-conditioned clothes TM is designed to ensure that the air inside the clothes is exhausted from the neck and cuffs (in the case of the vest, around the arms).
-Especially, there is an "adjustment string" at the neck, and by setting this, a discharge port such as a chimney / duct port is secured on the back side of the neck.
The air inside the clothes can be effectively discharged, and the wind can flow to seek coolness around the neck.
-This product is lightweight and uses a battery box.
-The two fans installed on the back can be installed and removed with a single touch, and are difficult to remove.
Easy to install and remove, it does not interfere with washing.
-Devices consisting of 1 fan, 2 battery boxes, and 3 cables were developed exclusively for jackets with fans.

* This product uses the patents and technology of Theft Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Air-conditioned clothing Co., Ltd.
"Air-conditioned clothes" is a trademark and registered trademark of Theft Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Air-conditioned clothes Co., Ltd. (Registration categories 9,10,11,12,17,20,24)
"DC air-conditioned clothes" is a registered trademark of Theft Research Institute Co., Ltd. and air-conditioned clothes Co., Ltd.

* Batteries used are 4 AA batteries. Batteries are not included.
* Please keep carefully the invoice in the case of product delivery with the warranty as a document certifying the date of purchase. (Required for repair etc.)

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