Height 152 Wearing size: XS-S (XS)
Height 148 Wearing size: XS-S (XS)
Height 152 Wearing size: XS-S (XS)
Height 152 Wearing size: XS-S (XS)
Height 152 Wearing size: XS-S (XS)
Height 152 Wearing size: XS-S (XS)








[WEB only] [XS / H148-155cm] Sarah Fool Tapered Pants -Washable, Stretch, Wrinkle-proof, UV Cut-

¥9,900(tax included)

List price ¥9,900(tax included)

House card points:90pt reduction

size: XS-S (XS)
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■ WEB limited item ■

★ Introducing a personal XS size for small people! ★


HEIGHT 148cm ~ 155cm

Length and sleeve length are long overall ...
Low pockets and waist position...
It's difficult to balance and it looks like a child...

We suggest clothes that you can wear without worrying about size.

<Sarafur> series, which is popular for its smooth, soft and fluffy material

■ Design
Introducing a setup of thick material with a feminine impression.
It is a <Sarafur> series that is fun and conscious of the appearance properly.
Beige color has been updated to the top this season!

Tuck tapered pants with an exquisite silhouette that is neither too tight nor too loose.
The front tack x center press makes the whole look cleaner.
The waist is also ◎ comfortable back rubber specifications
You can wear it comfortably for a long season with a light texture.

We have prepared black and navy colors that are convenient to mix and match, elegant beige, and yellow and lime colors that catch your eye.
Recommended pants that can be turned on and off!

A texture with a smooth touch and a feeling of falling.
It is also a nice point that it is a functional material such as hand wash, stretch, wrinkle prevention, UV protection.

■ Coordinate
The clean silhouette allows you to wear tops in or out.
It is recommended not only to match your own items, but also to wear it in a setup that matches the jacket of the same series.

[XS point]
Comparison with 34-46 size (separate part number: 3514-126-1709)
Waist, hem, thigh, hips: Equivalent to 36 size
Rise: Equivalent to 34 size
Inseam: Approximately 3 cm shorter than 34 size
By applying the above and adjusting the overall balance, we have expressed a beautiful silhouette.

・ Product number: 3522-126-1406 Tailored jackets made of the same material are also available.
・ Product number: 3522-126-1407 No lapel jacket is also available with the same material.
・ Part number: 3514-126-1709 34-46 size is also available with the same design.

Lining: None
Translucency: None
Glossiness: None
Functionality: Stretch, anti-wrinkle, UV protection
Care method: Hand wash, dry cleaning

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* This <XS size> series is based on height, but it is only a guide, so please check the measurement table for the feeling of size.
※ Product image is sample. Actual product and color, specifications, processing, size, material etc. may differ slightly.
Due to circumstances of factory production ※, the delivery date may change. Please note before and after shipping date.
* Depending on the arrival status, shipment to the customer may be delayed from over-the-counter sales.
* Before using the product, be sure to check the "Handling Precautionary Statement" and "Washing Label" on the tag.
* The product image may look different from the actual color depending on the lighting conditions and the viewing environment such as a personal computer. Please note.
* Please refer to the image of the product itself for a guide to the color of the product.

Age: Early 20s / Height: 152cm / Body: Slender / Usual size: 36 / Wearing size: XS / Skeleton type: Straight
Length: A little above the ankle

When making inquiries, please contact the UNITED ARROWS Customer Service Desk with the following product name / product number.
Product name: ★★ D Sarafuru TPD-JJP_XS Product number: 3514-126-1733

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