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A water bottle made of a material and size that you can easily carry.

■ Design
Comfortable size opening.
Designed to be easy to wash because it is easy to put in water from a water server.
A lid that can be easily opened and closed with one rotation.
With a handle on the top of the lid for excellent portability.
Silicone parts can be easily removed, and the insole is rounded so that dirt does not collect easily and it is hygienic.

A material suitable for everyday use that is not easily scratched or cracked while having high transparency.

■ Manufacturer part number: 20391/20392/20393

<Handling Precautions>
[Container, lid] Material: PCT resin / Heat resistant temperature: 80℃ [Packing] Material: Silicone rubber / Heat resistant temperature: 100℃ / Dishwasher safe / BPA free

○This product is a drink bottle. ○Cannot be used in a microwave oven. ○Do not place near fire. Do not use cleansers or scrubbing brushes. When using in a dishwasher, avoid storing the product in a way that applies force to it, and place it on top of the equipment. Do not place it in a place ○ Do not swing it around as it may cause an unexpected injury or accident ○ Do not drop it or give a strong impact to it as it may cause damage or water leakage ○ The liquid inside may spill over Do not shake or give strong vibration to the container, as it may expand and cause damage or injury. Do not put dry ice in the container. ○Be careful not to put too much beverage in as it may overflow when closing the lid. ○Use with the silicone packing properly attached. Please do not leave the contents in the product for a long time as it may cause the beverage to rot. ○Do not use hot water as it may cause burns or deformation. ○There may be noticeable polishing marks on the surface. However, it is not a crack because it occurs during molding of resin products.


From 2022/08/01, the price will be revised due to the manufacturer's convenience (rising raw material price, rising cost of procurement of auxiliary materials, etc.).

※ Because this product carried out the change of selling price, it may be delivered to the customer in the state attached with the price tag different from the amount specified in the site.
Please understand beforehand that the price specified on this site is the selling price.

Founded in 1972 in Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture. It began as a tableware wholesale business, and later began planning and developing original products because of the desire to deliver tableware that meets the rich daily lives and flexible lifestyles that we envision. In 2010, KINTO Europe BV, a European subsidiary, was established in 2016, starting with product development not only in Japan but also in Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East. In addition, the US subsidiary KINTO USA, Inc. was established in 2019. With the aim of making things that are filled every time you touch or use it, we develop and develop tableware, drinkware and interior goods.

* Before using the product, be sure to check the "Handling Precautionary Statement" and "Washing Label" on the tag.
* The product image may look different from the actual color depending on the lighting conditions and the viewing environment such as a personal computer. Please note.
* Please refer to the image of the product itself for a guide to the color of the product.

When inquiring to the store, please tell us the following item name / product number to each store green label relaxing nationwide.
Product name: ◆ KINTO Water Bottle 500
Product number: 38475991563

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size height Internal capacity
FREE 19.7 500 ml

The item is measured by its own measuring method.

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