Model: 110cm Wearing size: 120cm
Model: 110cm Wearing size: 120cm
Model: 104cm Wearing size: 120cm








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size: 110cm 120cm 130cm
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■ green label relaxing (kids) bespoke item ■
★ color bespoke

Popular <GRAMICCI> bespoke shorts
Gray and lime will continue, and light blue and purple will appear as new colors!

■ Design
The gusset crotch in the inseam allows 180 degree natural leg opening.
It is less likely to interfere with active movements.

Accented with a fake webbing belt.

The brand icon running man has been changed to beige x green.

■ Manufacturer part number / color:

■ Junior size is also available in the series. Part number: 3869490688

* This product is purchased for kids.
For details, please check the size (actual size) described.

Care method: Machine washable

Yosemite National Park, located in central California, USA.
"GRAMICCI" was born in Yosemite, the holy land of rock climbers.
In the 1970s, Mike Graham, one of the rock climbers who was called the "Stone Master" in the United States and led the Yosemite rock climbing, made it possible to open the legs 180 degrees naturally, which was not in the climbing wear at that time. Developed groundbreaking details such as the "Gazette Crotch" and the "Webbing Belt" that can be adjusted with one hand.
In 1982, climbing pants of "GRAMICCI" incorporating these unique methods and functions were born in a small garage in California.

* Before using the product, be sure to check the "Handling Precautionary Statement" and "Washing Label" on the tag.
* The product image may look different from the actual color depending on the lighting conditions and the viewing environment such as a personal computer. Please note.
* Please refer to the image of the product itself for a guide to the color of the product.

When inquiring to the store, please tell us the following item name / product number to each store green label relaxing nationwide.
Product name: EX TJ GRAMICCI G-SRT
Product number: 38194990688

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