[WEB only] <BIRKENSTOCK> NEWYORK 19cm-22cm

¥7,150(tax included)

List price ¥7,150(tax included)

House card points:65pt reduction

size: 19cm 20cm 21cm 22cm
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■ WEB limited item ■

NEW YORK featuring thick straps

■ Design
NEW YORK has many parts that cover the legs,
The back belt firmly supports the ankle, so there is little worry of it coming off.
In addition to the hold feeling, the lining is made of felt material, so
It is soft and comfortable to the touch.

-Manufacturer part number / color: 187603

The brand was launched in 1960 when the first successful commercialization of sandals was based on the footbed (Einlagen), which had been in production since 1896.

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Product name: ★★ BS NEWYORK 19-22
Product number: 38814990031

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