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■ green label relaxing bespoke item ■

The base I chose was a series called "KOBA Koba", which is characterized by the tailoring of Koba that can be seen at a glance from that of school bag studio Ikuta.
"KOBA" is made by carefully applying multiple layers of leather cuts one by one, and applying "edge coating" to tighten the overall appearance.
The polite edge coating by the craftsmen is supple and makes you feel the personality.
Since helicopter winding is the mainstream for many school bags, the tailoring of the edge is the biggest feature of school bag studio Ikuta and it is attractive.

・ Inner dimensions: height 31.0 cm x width 23.2 cm x large gusset 12.0 cm
External dimensions: height 34.0 cm x width 26.0 cm x depth 22.0 cm
* Supports A4 flat files
・ Weight: Approximately 1,420 g
-Uses cowhide for the main parts.
-Three-chamber structure consisting of a main pocket, a sub-pocket, and a large round pocket with a zipper.
-Auto-lock specification that sticks and locks with one touch by the magnetic force of the magnet.

■ Bespoke points
1. 1. Interior black watch
The interior part that gets a lot of looks when you open the school bag is
We created the black watch pattern used in the popular ceremony wear for green label relaxing every season in the original color. The navy base has a light blue accent.

2. 2. Tack
A stud that hits the flap front of a school bag.
We are particular about the elegant appearance that is not boring, does not overstate, and suppresses the presence so that it fits in the school bag. It also features a smoked texture.

3. 3. Timetable / name card
The green label relaxing brand icon has been incorporated into the design.

4. Engraved brand logo
I had you put the brand name of green label relaxing on the back.

5. Inner bag brand name
It will be delivered in the school bag studio Ikuta's original box & school bag bag.
The school bag has the brand name of green label relaxing.

[6 year complete free repair warranty]
Starting from "use really good things to the end", we are working on manufacturing.
"If it breaks, buy it", not "If it breaks, fix it". School bag studio Ikuta handed over the school bag, not the end,
We believe that six years after your child enrolls will be the start of your true relationship with you.
We accept repairs within the range of normal use free of charge.

<Randsel Kobo Ikuta>
A long-established school bag studio founded in 1950. We manufacture and sell our products in-house.
We also have a store in the studio, aiming for a brand that is close to our customers.

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* Before using the product, be sure to check the "Handling Precautionary Statement" and "Washing Label" on the tag.
* The product image may look different from the actual color depending on the lighting conditions and the viewing environment such as a personal computer. Please note.
* Please refer to the image of the product itself for a guide to the color of the product.

When inquiring to the store, please tell us the following item name / product number to each store green label relaxing nationwide.
Product name: EX IKUTA school bag Product number: 38485991111

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