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It's a time when it's raining in the Kanto region, and the weather and temperature are unstable, making it difficult to dress every day.

This time, I would like to introduce recommended items for one week according to the weather.Please keep in mind.

Monday: The forecast is sunny!These sandals are recommended for days when the temperature is high and you can spend the summer mood.
A ring-like design is shining on the thumb. Start the week with cute sandals and get excited!
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Tuesday: Cloudy then rainIt may rain in the evening ... Here are some useful items recommended for such days.

Beautiful silhouette and wearing 3.5cm heel pumps for both sunny and rainy weather.
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Wednesday: Rain from morning雨の日の外出には、ぬれた道でも安心なレインブーツがおすすめです。
Side gore design with a clean silhouette, suitable for both pants and skirts!
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Thursday: It's raining todayIf it's raining and you don't feel like it, why not try this cute item?
Rain flat shoes with pink toes! Your feet will be brighter on a rainy day.
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The <OOF WEAR> bag, which is surprisingly light and can be used even on rainy days, is also selected with pink.
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Friday: sunnyOn a sunny day during the rainy season, enjoy summer styling with sandals!
Power charge by incorporating orange into nails and sandals!
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Saturday: Sunny then cloudy
Recommended for weekends, when you are worried about the weather but want to go out in style!
Flat shoes with a simple mocha design with a beautiful shape. It can be used for both sunny and rainy weather, so you can rest assured even if it rains suddenly.
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Sunday: sunny
It's a nice sunny Sunday. Recommended sandals for days when you want to be enthusiastic and fashionable.
Heel-type tong sandals that invite your eyes will look more fashionable when you wear them.
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In addition to the items introduced, you can see a wide variety of rain shoes and sandals.
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