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Designer / Odette E Odile designer. I would like to introduce recommended product information, including the story behind manufacturing.

Hello, nice to meet you.
I'm Ito, an Odette E Odile shoe designer.

It was a little early rainy season this year.
The weather will continue to be dull, but I would like to introduce recommended products that will make you feel better for the fleeting sunny season of the rainy season and for the coming summer.

These days, I tend to spoil my feet and wear flat shoes and sneakers. While comfortable, what is the style-up effect?
For those who have such problems, we would like to introduce items that can be fashionably raised without stress.


45141991384 view the details

It is a sandal that gives a sense of unity to the whole with a voluminous platform that spreads flare toward the bottom on a puffy belt that has a volume by sandwiching a cushion.

The heel height is 6 cm, but the thickness of the front part makes it possible to wear it with a flat height difference of 3 cm.
The insole is also made by wrapping a sponge and stitching, so please feel this stress-free feeling that gently wraps your entire foot! I would like you to try it.

With volume x volume, the bottoms have a center of gravity underneath with wide pants or a maxi-length skirt, and when combined with compact tops, the style-up effect is ◎!

I will wear it this year! I tried it with the shorts I thought.
By giving volume to your feet, it goes well with short bottoms!


For short bottoms. .. ..

We also recommend these ankle-wrapped sandals.
The contrast between the wide insole and the delicate strap seems to be this year.
Does the thin line hurt my leg? I'm sure some of you may think that, but since we have made many prototypes and set the strap in the right position to hold your foot, it is much easier to wear than it looks.

45142371414 view the details

The cushions are attached and the insole is wrapped in leather for a good foot feel.
Since the heel is in the right position where the center of gravity of the body comes, it is also recommended to have a sense of stability that makes it difficult to feel the height of the heel.
When you come to the store, I hope you will try it.

By the way. .. ..
The other day, I went to a solo exhibition of a leather shop for 2023 spring / summer products.

This summer has just begun, but it is time to finish the product planning for the fall and winter of 2022 and start the next spring and summer product planning.
In the solo exhibition, we will show you the proposed materials, include an image of what kind of shoes you will make, and discuss original materials and bespoke colors.

I don't think everyone who sees the BLOG will have the opportunity to go to a leather shop, so I took some pictures of what it looks like.

It is exhibited like this.There were many proposals for gentle neutral colors and slightly smoky pastel colors.
I have been interested in metallic materials for the first time in a while.
What kind of shoes will these leathers become?

Thank you for staying with us until the end.

See you again!

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