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Chelsea short boots 35 ↑

¥28,600(tax included)

List price ¥28,600(tax included)

House card points:260pt reduction

size: 22.5cm 23cm 23.5cm 24cm 24.5cm 25cm
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■ Design
A pair of shoes that can be worn in a calm and mature atmosphere due to the sole with a low volume. The side gore design makes it easy to put on and take off, and the unevenness of the sole makes it easy to return and walk. The clean line around the cylinder along the ankle is also attractive, and it is compact even if you put pants on it from above.

[Maximum width of shoe insole] * See image
Since the feeling of wearing varies from person to person, please use it as a guide for choosing a size.
22.5cm / 7.7cm 23.0cm / 7.8cm
23.5cm / 7.9cm 24.0cm / 8.0cm
24.5cm / 8.1cm 25.0cm / 8.2cm

* Since the image product is a sample, the color, specifications, materials, etc. may differ from the actual product.

* The weight of the shoes is the weight of both feet only for the shoes themselves. Boxes and accessories are not included in the measurement.
* If the product is not defective, we will ship it even if the wrapping paper and box are damaged. Please note.

When making inquiries to stores, Odette e Odile Please tell the following product name / part number to each store.
Product name: OF Chelsea SBT35 ↑ Product number: 45231991134

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