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Square pad pumps 60 ↓ ↑

¥19,800(tax included)

List price ¥19,800(tax included)

House card points:180pt reduction

size: 21.5cm 22cm 22.5cm 23cm 23.5cm 24cm 24.5cm 25cm
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Fresh pumps with a padded square motif.

■ Design
By making the whole color the same, there is a sense of unity, but the plump motif adds a sense of volume to your feet. The motif is a clip type so it can be removed, and it is a nice point to wear it as plain pumps.
Constricted heel with a delicate atmosphere, the heel rides firmly, and it is comfortable to wear with a sense of stability. The styling with socks is also recommended this year.

* If a protective sheet is attached to the sole, remove it before use.
* A small hole of about 1 mm in the heel is a specification for the production process.
* Since the image product is a sample, the color, specifications, materials, etc. may differ from the actual product.

* The weight of the shoes is the weight of both feet only for the shoes themselves. Boxes and accessories are not included in the measurement.
* If the product is not defective, we will ship it even if the wrapping paper and box are damaged. Please note.

When making inquiries to stores, Odette e Odile Please tell the following product name / part number to each store.
Product name: OF Square Pad PS60 ↓ ↑ Product number: 45112327264

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