As an adult, I know my charm points and weaknesses. However, the more I try to hide my body, the more I have to rely on layered clothes, and I can't bring out the goodness of clothes. Because the purpose is to hide rather than wear it. Wear clothes, not clothes. That is the source of the style that seems to be 6. Items such as tank tops and vests are also nice. That's why I pay attention to details such as the amount of space on the sides, how the back looks, the thinness of the straps, and the texture. It doesn't hide getting older, it's a health. The complex becomes a charm point before you know it.

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The so-called "gentle woman". Aiming for a cool female image without a mannish 6 That's why I have a love for pants and a particular commitment to it. However, just because it is a mannish, it is not the pants derived from 100% cotton rugged workwear found in men's items, but rather feminine. In summer, by softening the material, the body moves lightly in the clothes. Expressing the supple form that is born while moving. Furthermore, in the details, there are suggestions for enjoying the pants style unique to 6 even in dressy, such as picking up colors that change the expression depending on the angle by changing the hem button and side chapter line, and changing the warp and weft. Has been done.


Being an amanojaku, everyone is always interested in things that are difficult to reach. A "habit" that you have never experienced in skirts and shirts. But if you have a habit, not everything is fine. For example, something with a sense of craft that gives a glimpse of the creator's feelings and wisdom. Sheer blouses have the context of non-pressed shirts when nylon was a new idea in the 1950s, and the rugged blouses were inspired by Indian white quilts. Even if it looks modern at first glance, the one with a sense of security that there is a historical reference is also a "habit" that seems to be 6. Unlike clothes that are hung on hangers with exactly the same look, I want you to feel the special feeling of being "called" from these clothes.

Angela, Keito and Meirin

Photography by Naoya Matsumoto
Styling by Megumi Yoshida
Hair and make-up by Shinya Kawamura

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