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¥110,000(tax included)

List price ¥110,000(tax included)

UA Miles:100,000earn miles

size: 24.0cm (5h) 24.5cm (6) 25.0cm (6h) 25.5cm (7) 26.0cm (7h) 26.5cm (8) 27.0cm (8h) 27.5cm (9) 28.0cm (9h)


A tassel loafer with a classical and elegant appearance. Grip and stable soles support light walking. It is a pair that has both an elegant impression and a comfortable fit, and is easy to incorporate into a wide range of coordination regardless of whether it is on or off.

Founded in 1879 by Charles Jones and his brother-in-law, James Crockett, in Northampton, Britain's finest shoe sanctuary. With excellent know-how in shoe design variations and material selection, careful handwork and high quality products have a high reputation among many British shoe makers, and the most types of wooden patterns in the world. As a shoe maker with, CROCKETT & JONES products have spread not only in the UK but also to the world. In recent years, we have also been focusing on the production of our own brand by making use of our OEM production experience, and have made new evolution by creating fashion-independent designs that accurately grasp the needs of the market and designs that match the times. I have.

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Product name: ▲ C & J CAVENDISH 3 CITY / S Product number: 13314999209

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size cm Heel Weight (g)
24.0cm (5h) 24 2 910
24.5cm (6) 24.5 2 910
25.0cm (6h) 25 2 910
25.5cm (7) 25.5 2 910
26.0cm (7h) 26 2 910
26.5cm (8) 26.5 2 910
27.0cm (8h) 27 2 910
27.5cm (9) 27.5 2 910
28.0cm (9h) 28 2 910

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24.0cm (5h) 24.5cm (6) 25.0cm (6h) 25.5cm (7) 26.0cm (7h) 26.5cm (8) 27.0cm (8h) 27.5cm (9) 28.0cm (9h)


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