<UNITED CREATIONS 041> Apron dress that can also be used as a bib (mock neck 3)

¥5,500(tax included)

List price ¥5,500(tax included)

House card points:50pt reduction

size: M L

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The one-piece design, which emphasizes the elder sister, is recommended to use a layered style combined with the inner. The hook-and-loop fastener on the back of the neck makes for easy removal.

It has a two-sheet structure, and the outer and bottom lining of the chest uses water-absorbing quick-drying material.
Features as a style, of course, highly practical items that are easy to wash.
There is no need to worry about seeing the belly because there is a lining at the bottom of the mouth.

If you are a wheelchair user, you can easily remove it while sitting.

M size: 100-125cm
L size: 125-140cm
※ Model Height: 109cm Wear Size: M (100-125)

※ When washing at home, please be sure to confirm the washing display.
※ There is also a product available in different colors and materials with the same type.
Name: apron dress that can also be styled (mock neck) Product number: 72496990144, 72496990145, 72496990147, 72496990148
※ We also offer products with different neck and shoulder designs.
Name: apron dress which becomes a style (shoulder frill) Part number: 72496990143

People who are having various worries about clothes they wear every day because of their disabilities or illnesses, such as "I can't wear clothes smoothly on my own" or "I can't find clothes of the right size for me" There are also many. It is a label that challenges the making of new clothes, which is born by confronting each person's problems with clothes and thinking hard to solve them. The biggest point is that clothes that solve one person's worries but are suitable for everyone. It was launched in April 2018 in collaboration with the "041" project sponsored by the social unit "Social W Ennovators" that faces social issues with the power of "WE".

· Because the specification of the product is special, you can not accept the size change or repair at the store. We are sorry for the inconvenience but please use the nearby reworking specialty store.
· It becomes a product not subject to exchange at the store.
· "Try on store" service will be excluded from service.

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