Announcement of release of AROUSAL for UNITED ARROWS & SONS



A cardigan brand that has been secretly a hot topic among fashion industry insiders since its debut.
Collaboration items with <AROUSAL> will be released on Friday, January 26th.
Melange cardigan made with kid mohair nylon yarn in unique colors.
By creating an expression based on single ridge knitting and raising the hair by brushing,
It gives depth to the colors.
By maximizing the blending rate of kid mohair and adding nylon,
The strength of the knit can be increased while maintaining its texture, and the quality remains high.
Can be worn for a long season.
By using a quantity of yarn that is neither too light nor too heavy, it is comfortable to wear while retaining warmth.
・Cardigan ¥59,400- Item isFrom here

<AROUSAL> has the tag line "We love many things but all we do is cardigans." (We love many things but all we do is cardigans.)
We have created a number of universal cardigans that can be used for a long time as travel companions.

A custom cardigan created by <AROUSAL> and < UNITED ARROWS & SONS >,
Photographed by Chad Moore, a New York photographer who has been friends with the brand for some time.
It captures Chad's friend wearing a melange orange and purple cardigan.

Chad Moore
Chad Moore grew up in Florida, USA and started photography at the age of 15.
I am a photographer based in New York.
While shooting global campaigns for various brands and fashion stories for magazines,
He continues to focus on creating dreamy photographs of the friends around him.

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