About hemming service

We offer a hemming service to customers who order pants that are subject to hemming on UNITED ARROWS ONLINE.
* Hemming service is also available for pre-order items.

  • Single finishing

    Single finishing

    After using a lockstitch machine to prevent fraying at the edge of the hem, finish with a blind stitch so that the seams are not visible from the front side.
    Suitable for: suits, slacks, etc.
    Processing fee: 770 yen

    Single finishing
  • Double finishing

    Double finishing

    Following a single finish, fold the hem to the front side, finish with a crease fastened with thread.
    Suitable for: suits, slacks, etc.
    Processing fee: 880 yen

    Double finishing
  • Stitch finish

    Stitch finish

    Fold in three on the back side and finish so that the seams (stitches) can be seen from the front side. There is also a chain stitch finish in which the thread is shaped like a chain only on the back side.
    Suitable for: casual pants, jeans, etc.
    Processing fee: Concrete seared 660 yen, chain stitch 1,100 yen

    Stitch finish
  • ・To use the hemming service, please select the type of finish and inseam length from "Apply for hemming" in the shopping bag.
  • ・"Apply for hemming" will be displayed only for products that are subject to hemming.
  • ・The blisters in the finish are reinforced fabrics that prevent rubbing between the hem and the heel of the shoe. For processing, we may use the fabric of the purchased product or shoe rubbing tape. Only single/double finish can be selected.
  • -The width of the double finish can be selected from 2.5 to 5.0 cm at 5 mm intervals.
  • ・There is a possibility that the stitching on the back side may be slightly misaligned.

Measure method of hemming

inseam dimension
Split the pants lengthwise, and measure the length along the seam of the inner thigh of the left leg to the hem is the inseam measurement.

Measure method of hemming Measure method of hemming


  • *This hemming service is only available at the time of purchase. We do not accept returns after the product arrives, so please contact a store near you or a repair shop.
  • * It may take 6 to 14 days from ordering to delivery.
  • *If you order a reserved item and use the hemming service at the same time, it will be shipped after the hemming work is completed after the product arrives.
  • * Items that have been hemmed will not be exchanged or returned. Please check the finish and dimensions before ordering.
  • *When unstitching the hem and raising the hem, the first seam may remain depending on the length of the hem.
  • * The difference between the desired finish dimension and the finish dimension of the actual product, ± 1 cm, is within the allowable range.
  • *If there is a design on the hem, the processing on the hem will be removed.
  • * If there is no thread that is the same as the product, the finished color may differ because similar threads are used.