Terms of Use

This application (hereinafter referred to as the "Application") is operated by United Arrows Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company").
Please read these Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms of Use") before using the Application, and use it only if you accept these terms and conditions. Please be aware that using the Application shall mean your agreement to the following Terms of Use:

1. Revision of Terms of Use
The Company may change the Terms of Use without prior notice, as deemed appropriate by the Company, and if changed, in whole or in part, the changed Terms of Use shall be applied to the use of the Application. In addition, the Company shall provide you with notice in a manner that the Company deems appropriate. However, such notice to you may be substituted by posting such change in the Terms of Use.

2. Services Performed by Application
■ The service provided by this Application is a lottery to determine the order of purchase of the target product using this application when the customer purchases the product specified by the Company (hereinafter referred to as “Target Products”). This is a service that issues a “numbered ticket” (the customer who obtained the “numbered ticket” is called “Winners”), accepts the application on this Application, and determines the winners.
■As a result of a strict lottery, the Company will contact applied customers regarding whether or not "numbered ticket" is won by this Application. The Company will not inform the result to customers by methods other than notification by this Application, such as telephone, fax and e-mail.
■The numbered ticket is only for the purpose to determine the order to purchase the Target Products, the ticket does not guarantee a right to purchase the Target Products.
■The services performed by the Application are operated independently by United Arrows Ltd., and have no relationship with Apple Inc. or Apple Japan G.K.orGoogle.Inc.

3. Use of Personal Information
The Company may collect or use your personal information to an extent necessary for the use of the Application. Your personal information collected by the Company shall be handled according to the "Personal Information Protection Policy" set forth by the Company separately.

4. Disclaimer
■The Company shall provide you with the Application "as is", and shall not guarantee you in any way that the Application can be operated properly in your particular usage environment, or that all its functions perform satisfactorily.
■The Company shall not be in any way responsible for any direct and indirect damages, incidental and/or consequential damages, special damages, lost profits, and other damages (regardless of predictability) incurred by you, arising from your use of, or inability to use, the Application.
■The Company shall not respond to your inquiry relating to the Application individually, and shall not provide you with any support relating to how to use it individually.
■The Company shall have the right to change, correct, improve, or stop/suspend the functioning and the URL of the contents of the Application without prior notice, and shall not be responsible for any damages arising from the results thereof.
■If you cause any damage to another user or a third party by using the Application, you shall solve the problem at your expense and responsibility, and shall cause no damage, loss, prejudice, etc., to the Company.
■The Company shall not be in any way responsible for your damage caused by illegal activities such as unauthorized access to data relating to the Application, computer virus infection, etc.
■Should your computer equipment be damaged or infected by a virus by the use of the Application, the Company shall not be in any way responsible for the damage.
■The usage history of this application and the right to use the “numbered ticket” of the winner will disappear when this application is deleted from a smartphone or tablet device, and cannot be transferred to another device.
■Even if a “numbered ticket” is issued, this is not to grant the right to purchase the Target Products. There could be a case that the winners cannot purchase the products due to the sales quantity, sale start time or the sales period of the Target Products. Even if there is a case, we do not take any responsibility.

5. Copyright
Information sent or distributed according to contents (information, data, images, sounds, trademarks, designs, etc.) in the Application is the property of the Company or its partners, and protected by the Copyright Act and related laws. Therefore, the Company prohibits secondary use of such information in the form of reproduction, conversion, reuse, reposting, sale, etc., and also in no way permits transformation, alteration, addition or revision, etc., of the contents. In addition, whether for-profit or non-profit purposes or on an intranet, the contents in the Application are not allowed to be used or diverted elsewhere.

6. Non-compliance with Terms of Use
Should you not comply with the provisions of the Terms of Use, the Company may take action so that you can no longer use the Application after the Company removes your personal information, etc., if such information is collected from you. In this case, the Company shall not be in any way responsible for any inconvenience and damages suffered by you arising from such action taken by the Company. On the other hand, should the Company suffer damage due to the violation of the Terms of Use by you, the Company may claim compensation for the damage.

7. Link from Application
The Application may be linked to websites operated by the Company or a third party so as to improve user convenience. Such linked third party websites are operated fully independently of the Application or the Company's website, and thus, if you decide to access any of the linked third party websites, the Company shall have no authority and responsibility for the contents thereof. The Company also shall not be responsible for any damages arising out of or related to such third party websites linked to the Application.

8. Governing Law
Any matters related to the use of the Application and the Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

9. Court of Competent Jurisdiction
The Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction in the first instance with respect to all disputes concerning the use of the Application.