adidas Originals by KANYE WEST YEEZY BOOST 350 BLACK



The second round of adidas Originals and Kanye West collaboration YEEZY BOOST 350 will hit the store on August 22nd (Sat). In contrast to the previous model in white released in June, the new model will be in chic black tone. It also ensures the comfort by featuring the latest materials; adidas' Primeknit for the upper and BOOST™, the high shock absorption with elasticity for the sole.
About the sale method of this special trainer, please read the following detail.

アディダス オリジナルスとカニエ・ウエストとのコラボレーションの第二弾、「YEEZY BOOST 350」の新色、ブラックを2015年8月22日(土)に発売します。今年6月に発売されたホワイトに続き発売される今回の新色は、ソールまでブラックにしたシックな一足。ホワイト同様「プライムニット」のアッパーや衝撃吸収性と反発力を兼ね備えたクッション素材、BOOST™ フォームを搭載しており、履き心地にもこだわった特別な1足です。

adidas YEEZY BOOST 350
Price : 30,240yen (tax included)
Color : BLACK
SIZE : 24, 24.5, 25, 25.5, 26, 26.5, 27, 27.5, 28, 28.5, 29, 29.5 (cm)

■adidas YEEZY BOOST 350の販売方法について

・2015年8月19日(水)の15:00~20:00にUNITED ARROWS & SONS 1F店外の特設抽選スペースにお越しいただいたお客様のみ、事前抽選のお申し込みを承ります。お電話での受付はしておりません。
・ 購入の際は当店発行のお控え書が必要になります。紛失にご注意下さい。いかなる理由でも再発行はいたしません。

・UNITED ARROWS & SONSにご来店いただいたご本人のみが購入できます。通販での購入はできません。

■About sale of adidas YEEZY BOOST 350
This item will be offered through a "prior lottery" in advance of its release at the store. Please check the following for detail about the lottery and the sale method. I should be noted that customers shall be deemed to have agreed to the method by applying to the prior lottery,

【Prior Lottery】
・Customers need to submit an entry at UNITED ARROWS & SONS store. Please come to the store and submit an entry during the date and time below.
 -Entry Period-
 Date: Wednesday, August 19th , 2015
 Time: 15:00 to 20:00 - only during this time
 Place: UNITED ARROW & SONS 1F, Lottery counter (outside of the store)
・All the entries need to be submitted at directly the lottery counter at the store. We will not accept any entries over the phone.
・We will not accept any entries other than the date and time above.
・ONLY winning customers will receive the result of the drawing by phone. The calls will be made during the store opening hours (12:00-20:00) on August 20th (Thu) and 21st (Fri).
・Winning customers are those who have confirmed the drawing result directly over the phone, or received voice message from store. Only incoming call history cannot be a proof of the winning.
・The store will not be able to answer about the call in regards to the result of winning or losing.
・Each customer can apply for one item of a preferred size.
・The number of the item or stock will not be announced.
・As for identity confirmation, please show either one of the ID at the entry; 1)Driving license, 2)Passport, 3) Student ID, 4)Health insurance card or 5)Resident card. It should be noted that customers cannot submit entries without showing ID.
・Photocopies or images of ID, or an expired ID cannot be accepted.
・The shown ID number will be written down on the receipt of the lottery.
・Each winning customers has to bring a copy of the receipt to purchase the item. In case that a customer has lost a copy of the receipt, we cannot reissue the copy for any reasons. Please make sure to save the copy of the receipt.
・In case that a customer has made multiple entries, all the entries will be invalid as soon as it is found.
・We will make sure to quickly respond to customer's needs, however, there could be cased that requires some time.
・In case that a customer has caused any trouble such as not following directions of store staff, disturbing neighboring stores, the prior lottery and the sale could be discontinued.

【Sale Method】
・Winning customers of the prior lottery will be able to make purchases of the item at UNITED ARROW & SONS store on August 22nd (Sat), 23rd(Sun). Only these 2 days. In case of no show up during this period, the right to purchase the item will be invalid automatically.
・The only person actually has shown up to UNITED ARROWS & SONS store will be able to make a purchase. Mail order will not be available.
・Please make sure to bring the same ID that has shown at entry of the lottery, as well as the copy of the receipt issued by the store.
・Please refrain from any substitute purchases for any reason.
・A complimentary ticket for a stock holder is limit to use for one lottery winning ticket by per customer.
・It is not possible to change the color or size of the item after the prior lottery. Only the item applied for at the prior lottery will be available to purchase.
・Regardless of inside of outside of the store, as soon as any disturbing behavior is found, the sale could be discontinued to the customer.
・As item sizes will be decided at the time of the lottery, there will be no substitute (back-up) items. In case that an item has any defects, we will return the payment.
・Please be aware that there could be any changes on the sale method of necessity.

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