nonnative for UNITED ARROWS & SONS



Special movie for new capsule collection "nonnative for UNITED ARROWS & SONS" is coming out.
The collection based on a Japanese word "Nagomi (calm)" was co-developed with nonnative. Ahead of the store launch on March 18th (Fri), Pre-order will start at ONLINE STORE from March 1st (Tue).
The new 8 pieces featuring Japanese traditional technique "Plant dyeing" and "Ryukyu indigo" will be lined up.

nonnative for UNITED ARROWS & SONSのスペシャルムービーを公開。
「和み-calm-」をテーマに<nonnative>と共同開発したカプセルコレクションを3月18日(金)より発売いたします。これに先がけて、ONLINE STOREでは3月1日(火)より先行受注会を開催。このコレクションでは日本の伝統的な2つの染め、「草木染」と「琉球藍染」によって誕生した各8アイテムをラインアップしています。
 → 特集記事はこちら
 → ONLINE STOREの予約会はこちら

[Herbal Dyeing]
Dyeing methods that rely on natural color sources like the fruits, roots and flowers of wild plants have been practiced in Japan since as early as the sixth century. Known for its ability to create complicated hues with a character and depth impossible to attain through chemicals, herbal dyeing is one of Japan's oldest dyeing techniques.

[Ryukyuan Indigo Dyeing]
Developed in the Ryukyu Islands, this method of indigo dyeing incorporates perennial herbs from the acanthus family as a raw material. These plants are raised and harvested on the island of Okinawa, but a recent decline in the number of Okinawan farmers and artisanal dyers has made Ryukyuan indigo hard to find. The fabric for this collection was dyed by craftsmen from Kyoto who have mastered this unique technique.



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