Our Standard by UNITED ARROWS

The word "ordinary" whose meaning changes greatly depending on the person or place. What does that mean as United Arrows? Many are authentic and sometimes go beyond style and taste. So when you give it a different freshness depending on your styling, it feels like a special "normal" to us. We will deliver Vol.2 of the current theme following the previous one.


Text by Mikiya Matsushita (kontakt)
Photography by Lance Henderstein






Everyday backpack


Basically, the roots are outdoors, so a backpack that gives a sporty impression. It is effective not only for off-scenes, but also for casual jackets and set-up style mix coordination. Especially simple daypacks are surprisingly nice. I wrote that the New Balance introduced in Vol.1 has a good feeling of weakness that is "not too tight", but it has the same nuance. The point is that you can carry it on your back with one shoulder, hold the loop in your hand, and do not carry it too much.









Relaxed mood band collar shirt


The band collar shirt is an item that has come to be called "ordinary" relatively recently, among the items I have introduced so far. Its roots are old and it is a detail that can be seen in aristocratic clothes and folk clothes, but I think that it has become widespread as a casual shirt in the last few years, and it is becoming more common in towns and shops. .. The compact neck, which has a relaxed mood but has an intellectual impression, has a unique presence that does not fade even when using a jacket or knit inner. Of course, this shirt, which can also be used as a haori shirt, will continue to be loved as a standard item.









Light white socks


I wear leather socks because I want to add elegance and matureness to a casual style, but white socks reduce the tightness of the leather shoes. There is an exquisite feeling that is sometimes created by combining characters that seem to be the opposite. White socks for sneakers are normal, but white socks for leather shoes are the "normal" for us.









Penny loafers that support UA's feet


No shoe may be as favorite as loafers. It can be worn casually, in a jacket style, or in a suit style, depending on the model. Among them, the penny loafers are a standard item. It is a very easy-to-use item in the sense that it can cross various styles.