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Membership agreement

This agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") applies to the website "UNITED ARROWS ONLINE" (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") operated by United Arrows Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"). (hereinafter referred to as "the Service"), and the terms and conditions for the services and member benefits (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") provided by each of the Company's stores.
Chapter 1 General Rules
Article 1 Definition
  1. The terms used in this agreement shall have the meanings set forth below.
  2. (1) A "member" is a person who has or resides in Japan and has applied for membership registration in accordance with the procedure of Article 4 of this Agreement, and the Company has approved this and registered as a member. Means generic
  3. (2) “UA Club Card” means a membership card for the Service issued by the Company using a card medium.
  4. (3) "Barcode Membership Card" means the barcode membership card for the Service issued by the Company in the form of electromagnetic records.
  5. (4) “Membership card” means collectively the UA club card and barcode membership card.
  6. (5) "Terms, etc." refers to these Terms, the personal information protection policy and cookie policy separately established by the Company, and the usage guide such as help regarding the use of the Service posted on the Site by the Company. means
  7. (6) "Products, etc." means the products and services that the Company provides to members in connection with the Service.
Article 2 Scope
  1. 1. These Terms shall apply between the Member and the Company regarding the provision and use of the Service.
  2. 2. Upon agreeing to these Terms, Members shall use the Service in accordance with laws, regulations, notifications, and these Terms.
  3. 3. If the member is a minor, he/she shall use this service after obtaining the consent of the legal representative.
Article 3 Changes to this agreement
  1. 1. The Company may change these Terms at any time if any of the following items apply. The revised Terms shall apply to the use of the Service after the Terms have been revised.
  2. (1) When the change of this agreement is in the interest of the member
  3. (2) When the change of this agreement does not violate the purpose of the contract and is reasonable in light of the necessity of the change, the appropriateness of the changed content, the content and other circumstances related to the change.
  4. 2. When we make changes to this agreement, we will set the effective time of this agreement after the change, and by the time the effective time comes, we will inform you of the contents and effective time of this agreement after the change on our website. Members shall be informed by notifying or notifying by the method that the Company deems appropriate, such as posting above or by e-mail.
  5. 3. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding two paragraphs, if a member uses the Service or does not take procedures for cancellation within the period specified by the Company after the change to the Terms of the preceding paragraph has been made known, the member shall You agree to the changes to these Terms.
Chapter 2 Matters concerning members
Article 4 Member registration
  1. 1. Those who wish to use this service shall apply for membership registration.
  2. 2. Applicants for membership registration (hereinafter referred to as "applicants") must agree to these terms and conditions and agree to the " Member information entry” page, enter the information specified by the Company such as name, email address, password, postal code, address, telephone number, gender, date of birth, etc., and register yourself as a member. It is not permitted for anyone other than the Applicant to register as a member on behalf of the Applicant. Applicants shall be deemed to have understood and accepted all of the contents of this agreement at the time of applying for membership registration.
  3. 3. The Company shall send a registration confirmation e-mail to the application based on Paragraph 1 when approving it, and when the e-mail is received, the person who made the application shall be registered as a member. ..
  4. 4. The Company may not approve membership registration if any of the following items apply.
  5. (1) The applicant has been punished by the cancellation of membership registration, etc. due to the violation of the terms of service provided by the Company (including, but not limited to, these terms) in the past. If it turns out
  6. (2) When it is found that the applicant's application content contains false matters
  7. (3) In the past, the Applicant has delayed payment obligations such as charges, been unable to receive products, etc. for a long period of time, or has defaulted on other obligations, without justifiable reasons, with respect to any service provided by the Company. if it turns out
  8. (4) In the event that it is found that the member has committed an act that falls under the prohibited items of Article 19 of this agreement in the past.
  9. (5) Other cases where the Company reasonably determines that approving an application for membership registration is inappropriate for the operation or management of the Service.
Article 5 Issuance of membership card
  1. 1. The Company shall issue one membership card for each member. In addition, when a member uses this service using a membership card, it is necessary to register as a member separately according to the procedure of Article 4.
  2. 2. Members shall store and use their membership cards with the care of a good manager.
  3. 3. The membership card can only be used by the member who has completed membership registration and cannot be transferred or loaned to others.
  4. 4. If a member holding a UA Club Card loses or has their UA Club Card stolen, the Company will not be able to carry out procedures for reissuance. The Company shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred by the Member due to the loss or theft of the UA Club Card.
  5. 5. Members may use their membership cards for the Services, etc.
  6. 6. When a member purchases products, etc. at a store, the member shall present one of the membership cards at the cash register. Members acknowledge in advance that, in principle, if they purchase products, etc. without presenting their membership card, they will not be eligible for the benefits provided in Article 6, Paragraph 2 of these Terms of Use. In addition, if you purchase products using this site, you will automatically be eligible for the benefits provided in Article 6, Paragraph 2 of this agreement by logging in.
Article 6 Member benefits
  1. 1. By registering as a member, the member shall be able to receive various information services such as e-mail delivery from the store brand designated by the member himself/herself among our stores. However, we may send you "Important Notices to Customers" notices regardless of your request.
  2. 2. Members will be granted the following benefits depending on the actual purchase amount of products, etc. and the actions necessary for awarding miles designated by the Company. In addition, the actual purchase amount is applicable to purchases made using all payment methods handled by the Company.
  3. Please check the link below for details on the benefits.
Article 7 Change of registration details
  1. 1. In the event of a change in all or part of the matters registered in the Company, the member shall promptly change the contents of the registration by a method separately designated by the Company. If such changes are not made, the implementation of business by the Company based on the matters already registered shall be deemed proper and effective.
  2. 2. The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused by the member not changing the registered contents as appropriate.
Article 8 Suspension of use of this service and cancellation of membership registration
  1. If a member falls under any of the following items, the Company may, without prior notice, suspend use of the Service, cancel membership registration, or take any other measures deemed appropriate by the Company (hereinafter referred to as "member ), and the Company shall not be obligated to disclose the reason for taking such measures. In addition, even if measures such as cancellation of member registration are taken, the member or former member who has been subject to such measures will not be exempted from fulfilling obligations such as payment obligations that have already occurred due to this service.
  2. (1) If it is found that the member has been subject to disposition such as cancellation of membership registration due to violation of regulations or terms related to any service provided by the Company in the past, not limited to this service
  3. (2) The registered information is found to contain false information (including the case where the address or residence in Japan cannot be confirmed)
  4. (3) When it is found that some services provided by the Company have been delayed in fulfilling their obligations to pay fees, etc., unable to receive goods, etc. for a long period of time, or other defaults, without justifiable reason.
  5. (4) In the event that it is found that the member has committed an act that falls under the prohibited items of Article 19 of this agreement in the past.
  6. (5) If you violate any other rules (including, but not limited to, these rules) established by the Company.
  7. (6) Other cases where the Company reasonably determines that the use of the Service or the maintenance of membership registration is inappropriate.
Article 9 Withdrawal procedure
  1. 1. Members shall be able to withdraw from membership at any time through the procedures prescribed by the Company, and shall lose their membership when such procedures are completed. In addition, the member will not be able to receive the use of this service stipulated in Article 6 of this agreement after losing the membership qualification.
  2. 2. The Company may retain member information for a certain period of time even after the member withdraws in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
Article 10 Management of membership number and password
  1. 1. The member shall be responsible for strictly managing and storing the password set by himself / herself at the time of membership registration and the membership number notified by the Company.
  2. 2. Members shall not transfer, sell, succeed, lend, disclose or leak the member number and password to any third party except with the prior consent of the Company.
  3. 3. The member shall immediately contact the Company if it is found that the member number or password has been used illegally by a third party or there is a risk of it being used illegally.
  4. 4. The member shall be liable for any damages caused by insufficient management of the member number or password, mistake in use, unauthorized use by a third party, etc., and the Company shall not be liable at all. However, this does not apply if there is a reason attributable to us.
Article 11 Use of personal information
  1. 1. The Company will confirm, ship and contact the details of orders for products, etc., manage membership such as enrollment and withdrawal procedures, distribute e-mail magazines to those who wish to receive them, provide and contact point services, etc., and campaigns. Planning, etc., implementation of questionnaires, marketing analysis (sales performance analysis, access analysis, etc.), information introduction, advertisement and publicity related to this service conducted by our company, products sold by our company (reservation, repair and delivery etc.) and inquiries about credit card usage history, personal information such as member's name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, location information, etc. Collect or use transactional information.
  2. 2. The member shall provide the information prescribed in the preceding paragraph to the developers in which the Company has stores, commercial facilities such as department stores (hereinafter referred to as "commercial facilities, etc."), providers of point programs in which the Company participates, You shall agree in advance that personal information may be disclosed or shared with affiliated companies and our business partner companies (hereinafter referred to as "our partner companies") that have signed confidentiality agreements with us, including personal information. increase. In addition, the member acknowledges in advance that various printed advertising materials, etc. will be sent from commercial facilities, point program providers in which the Company is a member, affiliated companies of the Company, and affiliated companies of the Company.
  3. 3. Members can update or suspend the use of their personal information by the methods specified below.
  4. (1) If you want to update or suspend the use by yourself, please access the following site and update or suspend the use of your personal information.
  5. My page registration information (
  6. (2) For cases other than (1), please contact the following.
  8. 4. In addition to the provisions of paragraphs 1 to 3 of this article, the handling of personal information of members acquired by the Company in connection with the use of this service shall be governed by the "Personal Information Protection Policy ( ”.
Article 12 Information about other members
  1. 1. The member may collect and use the following information regarding the member's access history for the purpose of investigating the member's access history and usage status or improving the service, and may disclose or share it with the company's affiliated companies. I agree in advance that there is.
  2. (1) Information about member identification information, activity history information in the application, location information, information about the device you are using, and connection information (including but not limited to member's personal information).
  3. (2) Member access information that we acquire through cookie technology
  4. 2. Members acknowledge in advance that the use of this service may be restricted if the Web browser is set to refuse cookies.
  5. 3. We collect from third-party data management platforms, affiliate service providers, analytics providers, application providers working with us and other similar service providers from cookies or server logs and similar technologies. After linking the following information of the member with the member's personal data, we will respond to inquiries about products such as marketing activities, data analysis, affiliate result approval, fraudulent use confirmation, member returns, and improve the quality of services. I will use it for the purpose.
  6. (1) Click history information (date and time when affiliate advertisement was clicked, advertisement posting site information, user environment information, etc.)
  7. (2) Purchase history information (order quantity, amount, order date and time, user environment information, etc.)
  8. (3) Registration information entered in the linked application
  9. (4) Device information and location information
  10. * Click here for details on our handling of cookie information (
Chapter 3 Matters concerning the establishment of a contract for this service
Article 13 Purchasing products, etc.
  1. 1. Members can purchase products from our company using this service.
  2. 2. If a member wishes to purchase a product, etc., he / she shall apply for the purchase or use of the product, etc. according to the method specified separately by the Company.
  3. 3. When purchasing products, etc. on this site, after confirming the delivery address and order details entered by the member, click the order button, and then confirm and accept the order details from our company. When the e-mail to the effect reaches the member, the sales contract for the product etc. shall be concluded between the member and the Company.
  4. 4. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if the Company reasonably determines that there is an act prohibited by each item of Article 19 of this Agreement, a fraudulent act, or an inappropriate act in relation to the use of the Service, the Company may cancel the sales contract. , and may take other appropriate measures.
  5. 5. After the sales contract in Clause 3 is concluded, the Company will carry out the delivery procedures for the products, etc. according to the details of the order. However, the delivery of products, etc. by this service is limited to within Japan. In addition, the member agrees in advance that delivery may be delayed depending on the delivery area and delivery status.
Article 14 Payment Methods
  1. 1. The payment amount for goods, etc. shall be the total of the purchase price of the goods, etc. including consumption tax and local consumption tax and the handling fee related thereto.​ ​
  2. 2. Payment for products purchased through this service shall be limited to payment by credit card in the name of the member or payment method separately approved by the Company.
  3. 3. If payment is made in a manner other than cash, the terms of a separate contract with the credit card company selected by the member or other company that provides payment methods as a service (hereinafter referred to as "credit card company, etc.") shall be followed. will do. In addition, if any dispute arises between the member and the credit card company, etc. in connection with the use of the selected payment method, the member and the credit card company, etc. shall be responsible for resolving it.
Article 15 Returns, exchanges, and cancellation of orders for products, etc.
  1. 1.Returns of products, etc. shall be accepted only in the following cases.
  2. (1) When the product, etc. is found to be counterfeit
  3. (2) When there is a defect in the product, etc.
  4. (3) In the case where you receive an item that is different from what you ordered
  5. (4) In the case where goods are damaged during delivery
  6. (5) In addition to (1) to (4) above, in the following cases, if you apply for a return within 14 days after the arrival of the product (the date of purchase if purchased at a store) in accordance with the procedure specified by our company. However, we cannot return items that are marked as "non-returnable" on the sales page.
  7. a. In the case where you used, washed or cleaned, or repaired the goods at or after purchase
  8. b. In the case where a delivery card is lost
  9. c. In the case where the product tag or label is removed or lost
  10. d. If the condition of the product (including but not limited to the box and accessories of the product) at the time of return is damaged, soiled, or lost in whole or in part compared to the time of delivery.
  11. e. In the case where the product becomes smelly, dirty or scratched by the customer
  12. f. In the case where the package is part of the product and the package is opened
  13. g. If it is a mask, underwear, other hygienic products such as swimwear or cosmetics, food and drink, lucky bags, outlet products, or reserved products.
  14. 2. The member shall apply for the return of goods specified in the preceding paragraph in accordance with the procedures separately determined by the Company, and for items (1) to (4) in the preceding paragraph, the Company shall bear the return costs, and the sales price at the time of purchase by the member shall be borne by the Company. , refund the shipping and handling charges, or exchange for a replacement. In addition, even if you wish to exchange for a substitute product, it may not be possible to exchange it for reasons such as shortage of products. In addition, regarding (5) in the preceding paragraph, the member shall bear the cost of returning the product and the transfer fee for the refund, and the Company shall refund the selling price, but not the shipping fee and the cash on delivery fee.
  15. 3. Coupons obtained or used by members when purchasing returned goods, etc., and handling of miles obtained or used are as described in the link below.
  17. 4. Unless there is a reason attributable to our company, the member cannot cancel the order for the product after the shipping process of the product has started.
  18. 5. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, members cannot return or exchange ordered products or cancel orders, except in cases where there is a reason attributable to the Company.
Article 16 Disclaimers relating to Products
  1. 1. The Company shall not be liable for damages, losses, disadvantages, etc. caused by defects in the quality, materials, functions, performance, or compatibility with other products, etc. of the Services and products sold through the Services. Regarding, unless there is a reason attributable to our company, we will not bear any guarantees or burdens such as liability for damages.
  2. 2. Regarding troubles due to unknown delivery destinations, etc., the Company will fulfill the delivery obligation of the products, etc. by shipping the products, etc. to the delivery destination specified when purchasing the products, etc., and will be exempted from such obligations. shall be
Chapter 4 Matters concerning the use of this service
Article 17 Use of My Page
  1. Members can use the My Page designated by the Company. Members can browse each function on My Page after logging in, and enter, change, update, or delete information for each function.
Article 18 Disclaimer
  1. 1. If the Site provides links to other websites or resources, or links to the Site from third party websites or resources, the Company shall not be liable for the content, use and results of such links. (including but not limited to legality, validity, accuracy, certainty, safety, currency and completeness). In addition, if the Company reasonably determines that the content of a linked website or resource is illegal or inappropriate for the management or operation of the Service, the Company shall not require any notice to the Member. We shall be able to remove the link.
  2. 2. Advertisements (including, but not limited to, sweepstakes advertisements) or transactions with advertisers (including, but not limited to, participation in promotions such as sweepstakes) within the Service n.), the member will conduct transactions with the advertiser at their own discretion and responsibility, and the Company will not be held responsible for this. We do not guarantee the contents and conditions of transactions such as payment for products, etc., determination of contract conditions, guarantees, guarantees, licenses, etc. We are not responsible for any damages caused to members due to transactions conducted through advertisements or promotions.
  3. 3. In the following cases, even if the Service is temporarily suspended, canceled or changed, the Company shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage, loss or disadvantage suffered by the Member. shall not be held liable.
  4. (1) When a natural disaster such as a fire, earthquake, flood, lightning strike or heavy snow occurs
  5. (2) When social unrest such as war, civil war, terrorism, riot or mayhem occurs
  6. (3) In the case where the Company cannot receive appropriate service from a telephone company, freight forwarder or provider with which the Company contracts
  7. (4) In the case where an event which the Company cannot deal with technically occurs
  8. (5) When the Company determines that it is unavoidable to stop or stop the system.
  9. 4. The Company shall fulfill its obligations and be exempted from liability by processing the affairs in accordance with the registered contents of the member.
  10. 5. In the event that a member causes damage to another member or a third party through the use of this service, the member shall resolve the matter at its own responsibility and expense, and the Company shall We shall not give any damage, loss or disadvantage.
  11. 6. The Company shall not be liable for any damages (including mental pain or other financial losses) caused by the use of this service (including the accompanying act of providing information by the Company). ) shall not be held responsible. However, this shall not apply if there is a reason attributable to our company for the occurrence of such damage.
  12. 7. In spite of the fact that the Company has taken reasonable safety measures, the Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by Members as a result of unauthorized access to data related to the Service, contamination with a computer virus, or other fraudulent acts. shall not be held liable in any event.
  13. 8. Even if we are liable, our liability shall be limited to direct and ordinary damages, unless there is intentional or gross negligence of our company.
Article 19 Prohibitions
  1. Members shall not perform any of the following acts. In the unlikely event that damage occurs to the Company or a third party in violation of this, the member concerned shall be liable for all damages.
  2. (1) Acts that cause inconvenience, disadvantage, damage to other members, third parties other than members, or the Company, or acts that may cause them.
  3. (2) Acts that infringe or may infringe intellectual property rights such as copyrights of other members, third parties other than members, portrait rights, personality rights, privacy rights, publicity rights and other rights. action
  4. (3) Acts of using the Service for commercial purposes (excluding those approved in writing by the Company in advance);
  5. (4) An act that is contrary to public policy, or that is in violation of laws, or an act that is likely to be the foregoing acts
  6. (5) An act of registering information containing false or misleading content
  7. (6) Acts of members using content obtained through this service outside the scope of personal use
  8. (7) Copying, selling, publishing, distributing, or disclosing content obtained through this service through other members or third parties other than members, or acts similar to these
  9. (8) The act of transferring the coupons, etc. distributed by the Company to another member or a third party other than the member, regardless of whether it is paid or free of charge.
  10. (9) Acts of collecting, accumulating or storing personal information of other members
  11. (10) Uploading to the Site, or by e-mail, any content such as computer viruses, computer codes, files, or programs designed to interfere, destroy, or limit the functions of computer software, hardware, or communication equipment; The act of sending with
  12. (11) Acts that abuse the Service and receive benefits under Article 6 of these Terms by fraudulent or unfair means.
  13. (12) Acts of impersonating a third party to purchase products, etc.
  14. (13) The act of placing an order that seems to have no intention of ordering objectively, the act of returning or exchanging the purchased product, etc. without a reasonable reason, or the act of refusing to receive it.
  15. (14) Acts of fraudulently applying for or holding multiple member registrations
  16. (15) Other acts that the Company reasonably judges to be inappropriate, such as damaging or damaging the credit of the Company.
Article 20 Intellectual property rights
  1. 1. All intellectual property rights in the Contents provided through the Service shall belong to the Company or the third party that grants a license to the Company, and the license to use the Service based on the registration provided in these Terms does not mean the license to use the Company's intellectual property rights in the Company’s website or the Service.
  2. 2. Regardless of the purpose, if any act prohibited by domestic or foreign copyright law or other laws such as unauthorized reproduction, reproduction or other unauthorized secondary use of our content is discovered. , We shall be able to take legal action immediately.
  3. 3. If any dispute arises between the Company and a third party due to the member's violation of the provisions of this Article, the member shall, at its responsibility and expense, resolve the dispute and cause any damage, loss or damage to the Company. No disadvantage shall be given, and if any damage, loss or disadvantage occurs to the Company, the member shall compensate for it.
Article 21 Maintenance of this service
  1. In order to maintain good operation of the Service, the Company may temporarily suspend all or part of the provision of the Service or We shall be able to cancel.
  2. (1) In the case of regular maintenance and emergency maintenance of a computer system for providing this service (hereinafter referred to as “system”)
  3. (2) When it becomes difficult to operate the system due to natural disasters such as fire, earthquake, flood, lightning strike or heavy snow.
  4. (3) When it becomes difficult to operate the system due to social unrest such as war, civil war, terrorism, riots or riots.
  5. (4) When system operation becomes difficult due to system failure, unauthorized access from a third party, computer virus infection, etc.
  6. (5) In the case where it is requested by an administrative or judicial agency
  7. (6) In other cases where the Company deems it necessary to suspend or discontinue the System for unavoidable causes
Article 22 Elimination of antisocial forces
  1. 1. Members shall make a commitment regarding each of the following items.
  2. (1) There is no connection with gangsters, gangsters, gangster-related companies / organizations, general assembly houses, social movements / political activity advocates, special intelligent gangsters, and other antisocial forces. In addition, he / she will not be an antisocial force in the future.
  3. (2) Do not commit violent acts, fraudulent or threatening acts, obstruction of business or other illegal acts against the Company by yourself or by using a third party.
  4. 2. If a member violates the preceding paragraph, the Company may cancel the membership registration, etc. without any notice or notification to the member.
  5. 3. The Company shall not be liable for damages, compensation or any other liability for any damages caused by the measures set forth in the preceding paragraph. In addition, the member shall compensate for damages caused to the Company by violating Paragraph 1 of this Article.
Article 23 Others
  1. 1. Members shall not transfer their status as a member regarding this service and their rights and obligations based on such status to a third party or provide them as collateral unless the Company has given their prior written consent.
  2. 2. Even if any provision of this Agreement or a part thereof is determined to be invalid or unenforceable by law, rule or notification, the remaining provisions and parts of this Agreement shall continue to be effective. increase.
  3. 3. If any problem arises regarding the use of this service that cannot be resolved by this agreement or our company's guidance or response, the company and the member shall discuss in good faith and resolve it.
  4. 4. The governing law of this agreement shall be Japanese law.
  5. 5. In the event that a lawsuit arises regarding the use of this service, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of first instance.
Supplementary provision: This agreement shall apply to all members from August 1, 2023. In addition, the old agreement established before this agreement will be invalidated upon application of this agreement. In addition, all inquiries regarding this agreement and this service are as follows.
United Arrows Customer Service Desk
Phone: 0120-559-652 (Reception hours: Weekdays: 10: 00-17: 00 * Excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays)