Zushi's beach house "surfers" and photographer "Bruce Osborn" will hold an art event "Nature calls" @California General Store

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Zushi's beach house "surfers"And the photographer"Bruce Osborn"Nature calls" will be held at the California General Store.
This art event is based on the theme of "coexistence with nature" expressed by artists living on the beach.
Photographer "Bruce Osborn" laid out and photographed drifting objects collected at the beach near his home in Hayama with his own sensibilities, and wood made from old wood used in the building of Zushi "surfers". We will exhibit and sell works printed on canvas.
Bruce left Tokyo, where he had lived since coming to Japan, and moved to Hayama about 20 years ago.
The theme of this work, "Nature calls'", was born because I felt a problem that could be said to be a microcosm of society in the "news from the sea" that driftwood, bottles, cans, and plastic garbage that I met on the beach of Hayama tell.
In commemoration of this event, the California General Store produced 4 types of bespoke T-shirts "Nature calls". It will be sold in the store during the event.
* Sold at the surfers online store (also sold at the surfers online store (https://surfers.jp)

T-shirts: ¥ 7,700 each (tax in)

Dates: February 18th (Friday) -March 3rd (Thursday)
Venue: California General Store (1-2-17 Kugenumakaigan, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

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