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The third “TOUR” will be held at the KANAZAWA from February 17th (Friday) to March 12th (Sunday). "TOUR" is a united arrows project that focuses on art. At the same time as choosing clothes, with the aim of providing a place where you can experience art with the same sense of values, through collaboration with artists and galleries related to each region, while exhibiting and selling works and goods nationwide Touring United Arrows stores. In addition, PARCEL (*1), which opened in Nihonbashi Bakurocho in 2019, is in charge of overall supervision. This time, we welcomed two artists with ties to Kanazawa.

(* 1) PARCEL
Opened in June 2019 in a corner of DDD HOTEL in Nihonbashibakurocho, Tokyo. A program that crosses culture centered on contemporary art is formed in a special space that was originally a three-dimensional parking lot. Introducing a wide range of domestic and foreign writers. In February 2022, the second base, percel, opened on the 2nd floor of the "Maruka Building" located behind PARCEL.

■ Artist introduction

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Nichiho Oyama

Born in Nara Prefecture in 1992. In 2018, graduated from Kanazawa College of Art Graduate School of Arts and Crafts majoring in sculpture. Former "resident" of "Geijuku", an inn and atelier for students and artists. In 2019, he moved from Kanazawa to Tokyo, where he works in the garden for a living while creating sculptures. My hobby is climbing, and I am exploring the possibility that sculptures will appear in the brain by imagining the state of the body when climbing. Since 2020, he has been active as a member of the material shop "Catharsis Kishibe".

[Collaboration item]
・ T-shirt (short sleeve): ¥ 7,260
・ T-shirt (long sleeve): ¥ 8,360
・ Hoodie: ¥ 14,300
・Hand towel: ¥3,300

*Front design
The TOUR logo is placed on the left chest on the front of the T-shirt and hoodie. have a common design.

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Mariko Sajiki

Born in Hokkaido in 1987, completed a master's degree in Japanese painting at Kanazawa College of Art in 2013, and is currently based in Kanazawa. Mainly using Japanese paper as a support, he incorporates Japanese painting materials such as watercolor paints and mineral pigments. The main motif of his works is natural landscapes full of greenery, which awaken the senses and memories that can be obtained in nature. While using the material of thin Japanese paper, he also develops a spatial approach by layering and cutting Japanese paper.

[Collaboration item]


・ T-shirt: ¥ 8,360
・ Hoodie: ¥ 14,300




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